Blogland Tour at Stow & Tell U

If you have a hobby or passion, you tend to want to get to know others that have that same hobby or passion, right?  Often you join clubs together, get to know each other, ” networking”, if you will. Well the Blogland tour is a network of bloggers sharing other blogs, and so on. Cori […]

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Chalkboard Painted Box Lids {Fall Decor}

Here is a simple Fall decor idea that is ultra cheap and pretty darn easy!  If you have a few box lids, you are half way there, and if you have some chalkboard paint and plain white chalk, then you’re home free.  I decorated these lids with Fall sayings and what not, but they can […]

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Fall Pinning Party Invite and Preview

We are having a Pinning party to celebrate the beginning of Fall.  It is taking place this Friday and Saturday and you are invited, not only to join the party, but to join the Pinterest group board, as well. To join the group board, just click right here, and follow the directions at the top […]

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Let’s Get the Fall Rolling Paint and Gift Card Giveaway

Let’s do a giveaway!!  Fall is just around the corner for many of  us, so I partnered up with a bunch of crafty bloggers to get it rolling with a giveaway! We are going to top if off with a Pinterest Party on August 22nd and 23rd, and we would love you to join in.  […]

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DIY Twig Pumpkin with Late Summer Color

Winding into the last days of summer, there is a lot of beautiful late summer color to soak up.  Round here, there are still remnants of black-eyed susans and purple coneflower, as well as the start of goldenrod and New England aster.   And we can’t forget the beach, there is still time left to get […]

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Coastal Inspired DIY Twig Lamp Shade

Have you ever just started getting rid of anything and everything because you just can’t take the clutter anymore?!  Once upon a time I had really wanted and consequently received a particular shell lamp for my birthday.  During one of my de-cluttering binges, I almost put it in the donate pile.  I’m so glad I […]

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Faux Weathered Twigs~Like Driftwood, Almost!

Twig projects! There’s a lot of really cool ones out there on the web and done up so many different ways. Can’t help it, I dig twigs and all their crafty possibilities.  So, in an attempt to pull off one more beachy project for the summer using twigs,  I knew that I wanted weathered looking […]

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Wine Cork Wreath Gets a Look in the Mirror

What do you get when you add a mirror to the back of a wine cork wreath?  A wine cork wreath mirror?? Not sure there is any better name to call this upcycle, but that is what I ended up with when I decided to update one of my mom’s favorite door hanging decorations.    […]

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Vintage Bathing Beauties Beach Tray

Summertime… and the livin’ is eeeeaaasssyyyahhh!!  I remember my mother singing that song when I was a kid and rolling my eyes.  One, because she was an adult letting loose (not permitted)  and two, because she was my mother.  Both good reasons for a teenage girl to want to run and hide because she was […]

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Chalkboard Painted DIY Gift Box {LOL}

Did you ever notice how many birthdays there are in July?  According to, July is the 4th most popular month for birthdays in recent times (in the U.S.) with September, August and June being the front runners.  That’s a lot of  summertime birthdays with a lot of potential gift giving, gift wrapping and perhaps […]

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