Salvaged Blouse to Gift Bag

Is it necessary to DIY your own gift bag?   We DIY everything else, can’t we put a halt to things at some point after we’ve gone and hand made a gift and just before we are getting ready to wrap that gift up?  Oh… I couldn’t agree more, but I’ve made my own gift bag […]

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Faux Hammered Copper on a Soda Can

I’m going for a faux hammered copper look again, this time with soda cans.  Some of you may remember my faux hammered copper attempt on the dish pans.  Well that one didn’t work out as well as I had hoped, but since I’ve had a little success with the soda can labels I made last […]

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Nashville Hot Chicken is the Food to Try When

Nashville hot chicken is the food to try when visiting Tennessee and the country music capital of the world. What is Nashville hot chicken? It’s southern fried chicken with a peppery spice rub that is usually so hot, it has its own rating system.  The ratings may vary from chicken shack to chicken shack.  We […]

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Stowaways – Faux Stained Glass

Most recently I showed you a rather curious old  photo that I had stowed away in my attic of a child on a pony.  Well I’m pulling something else out of the stowaway pile and it just so happens to be one of my first crafty projects.  Some would call it faux stained glass art, […]

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Nashville Groovin’ and a $500 Cash Giveaway

I’m officially back from Nashville this week, although I’ve been home for over a week now, unofficially.  Getting back into the routine they call “life” is not as easy as they say it is.  Whomever “they” is must not have taken very many vacations.  That’s all I’ve got to say about that, but we had […]

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Log House at The Homeplace: Land Between the Lakes Part2

The log house at The Homeplace in Land Between the Lakes (LBL) Tennessee captures the rural lifestyle of middle America circa the mid 1800′s.  In Land Between the Lakes Part 1, I told you a little bit about what it is and some of what it has to offer a visitor. Whether you are a […]

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Salvaged Blouse to Spring Vase

Nothing said spring like this brightly colored blouse I came across at the Goodwill a few weeks ago.  It was pale yellow with accents of bright green, purple and orange.  Made of a gauzy material, it had a kind of three dimensional texture with a flowery pattern running through it.  Just too pretty to pass […]

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Turn an Old Sweater into a Cat Bed

That’s right, salvage an old sweater and turn it into a cat bed!  In honor of fuzzy sweater season and because I seem to have an itch for yarn projects right now, as in the DIY yarn wrapped lamp,  I’m going to re-share one of my oldest blog posts to date:  a re-purposed sweater to […]

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Stowaway Files – Picture on a Pony

Are you like me with an attic or basement full of old photos, collections and mementos (otherwise known as junk) stowed away for safe keeping because you know you’re going to need it, want to look at it, or touch it again?  You just can’t part with it…not yet, maybe never! I’ve always wanted a […]

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DIY Yarn Wrapped Lamp

I like to call springtime fuzzy sweater weather.  It’s finally warm enough in Chicago to loose the parka, but it’s not quite warm enough to go without some kind of cover.  I found this collection of yarn called Hometown USA from Lion Brand.  It has bits and strands of color variation (called roving) running through […]

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